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Choosing Products: Offer Wall Edge

We have seen a great many variations on how to successfully integrate the Offer Wall Edge. Although virtually any integration style will require customization to fit well within your specific integration, we have put together some core information that you can use as a starting point.

Integrating the Fyber Offer Wall Edge

When integrating the Offer Wall Edge you should consider what exactly you are looking to get out of the Offer Wall Edge so that you can choose the method that best conforms to your needs. Fyber's Offer Wall can be integrated in two different ways:

Option 1. Via our Fyber Unity Plugin (the easy integration)
Option 2. Via our REST API (more involved but offers more flexibility and customization)

Offer Wall Edge

Offer Wall Edge

Option 1: Via the Fyber Unity Plugin

If you are interested in:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality
  • Using our servers to handle rewarding to your users

this is your best choice. This method makes the Offer Wall Edge one of the simplest products you can integrate into your app.

The SDK provides you with predefined methods to request and show the Offer Wall Edge in full screen that will load in a web view. The Offer Wall Edge’s interface is loaded from Fyber’s servers. Our system will display the offers to the user, send the user to any offer that they select, and handle any user complaints via a support link displayed on the Offer Wall Edge.

Ready to get started with enabling the Offer Wall Edge via SDK?

Option 2: Via the REST API

If you are interested in:

  • Fully customizing your Offer Wall Edge experience
  • Using our offers alongside other Offer Wall Edge competitors

Then using the Offer Wall Edge REST API will best fit your purposes.

It is far more flexible than the SDK but requires additional work from you in order to make everything work flawlessly. You'll need to gather the proper information from the user and then generate the URL request for the REST API yourself. You'll receive a JSON response with the raw information necessary to access the offers from the Offer Wall Edge. After that, it will be up to you to format the ads for the user, display them to the user’s device, and handle sending the user to the actual ad.

You can do several things that the Fyber Unity Plugin Offer Wall Edge is not capable of doing. With complete control over the user interface, you can tailor the Offer Wall Edge look and feel to mirror your app. You can make requests for offers from your server, rather than the user’s device itself. You can request multiple REST APIs from different providers and combine their responses into your own Offer Wall Edge.

Ready to try your hand at setting up the Offer Wall Edge via REST API?

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Choosing Products: Offer Wall Edge

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